Pineapple MD2


Highly Profitable

Approximately 70,000 pineapples per hectare with a total average weight of 47 metric tons.

Longer Shelf Life

30 days after harvest compared to 21 days of other varieties. Cold storage duration of up to 2 weeks.

Sweeter, Less Fiber & Acidity

Excellent for juice and pulp processing with about 14-16% Brix with no difference in sweetness from base to top.

Thick Skin Prevents Shocks and Bruises

Excellent for transportation and export. Supermarket preferred variety since maintains its shelf appearance.

Our Pineapple tissue culture plants can be purchased at two stages:

Ex-agar Plants
Removed from nutrient media, washed and sorted according to customer requirements.

Field Ready Plants
Acclimatized, rooted plants with 15-20 cm height ready for field implantation.
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