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Invitro Plants Are Effectively


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We turn your UNPRODUCTIVE land into EARNING 3X return on investment through our tissue culture plants, in-farm technical support and buyback of harvest.

Secure your investment with high yielding plants produced from our laboratory that are certified to be disease free, by the Tanzanian seed agency, TOSCI.

Get profitable earnings through buyback and market links with vendors, processors, fruit ripeners, hotels and restaurants.

Yield a minimum of two times more than conventional, with support from our agronomists and irrigation specialists who have a combined technical experience of over 30 years.

Tissue Culture Plants

Plants produced in our laboratory and distributed from our greenhouses, are qualitatively better than conventional plants and suckers.

Higher Yield

With the same resources used, our plants can provide more yield per crop, per acre i.e. ~ 40% higher output in Bananas.

Disease free

Our plants are scientifically tested to be free from virus, pest and bacteria, thus nullify risk to spread diseases in your field.


Our stringent quality control system ensure plants are true copies of mother plant & each other, resulting in consistency of desired characteristics of crop harvest.

Available year around

Regardless of weather conditions, we can produce and deliver plants on agreed timeline.

Internationally Recognized Varieties

We provide plants of crop varieties that foreign countries are seeking to import.

Natural Plants

Our plants are NOT genetically modified (GMO). They are NATURAL plants of Grade-A quality.

Profitable and sustainable crop production through better informed decisions.

Bypass heavy investments in propagating proprietary plants in our 7 million laboratory production capacity and under technical guidance of our scientists and global network of researchers in institutes and universities.

Increase range of plants cultivated and earnings by harvesting offseason under a well designed irrigation system including a rainwater harvesting reservoir.

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Save 2/3rds on fertilizers through a customized fertilization program that matches your farm soil and water samples tested under high precision in laboratory. Our agronomists will teach you how to make your own organic fertilizers in farm.


To fulfil your order within acceptable time frame and deliver plants ahead of season start, is our responsibility.

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