FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions.

Plant Tissue Culture:

What crops does KilimOrgano micropropagate (produce) and distribute?

At KilimOrgano, we currently micropropagate Banana; Pineapple; Cassava; Potato; Teak; Eucalyptus; Sugarcane; Pomegranate; Seedless Lemon; Passion; Pyrethrum; Strawberry; Aquatic plants including Riccia fluitans, Pogostemon helferi; Ornamental plants including Syngonium, Spathiphyllum, Anthurium.

Do tissue culture plants need special treatment in the field?

Tissue culture plants do not require any special treatment, but need good agriculture practices to maximize yield.

Are tissue culture plants genetically modified (GMO)?

No, tissue culture plants are not genetically modified. At KilimOrgano, we do not modify the genetics of plants, instead, we ensure the genetics of the tissue culture plants are preserved to be true to type i.e. identical to the mother plant and to one another.

What are the advantages of Plant Tissue Culture?

Tissue culture plants are qualitatively better than conventional plants as they are produced under aseptic conditions and controlled environment.

– Tissue culture plants yield better as they are produced under optimum environment from selected mother plants.
– It is possible to multiply plants that are difficult to propagate by cuttings or other traditional methods.
– Tissue culture raised plants are vigorous and fast growing than conventional plants.
– High degree of uniformity than the conventionally produced plants.
– The tissue culture plants are free from diseases.

How is Plant Tissue Culture done?

A small piece of plant tissue is cut from the mother plant and cultured on a nutrient medium in sterile containers. By altering the composition of the medium and the environmental conditions, the development of tissue can be directed along different patterns and finally a whole plant can be regenerated.

What is Plant Tissue Culture?

The process of producing plants from tissues of the desired plant in a nutrient medium under controlled environment. The resulting plants are exactly similar to the mother plant in all aspects.

How have Tanzanian farmers adopted Plant Tissue Culture technology?

In Tanzania, KilimOrgano’s plant tissue culture technology has received above average response among farmers of all scale. Throughout the country, KilimOrgano is continuously establishing plant nurseries for easier access to our tissue culture plants and demonstration plots needed to educate and train farmers on good agriculture practices that go well with tissue culture technology.

Order, Delivery and Payment:

How do i pay?

You can pay by cash, bank or mobile payments. Contact us for further details of bank or mobile payments.

At what stages are tissue culture plants delivered?

Our tissue culture plants are delivered in three stages:

– Ex-agar: Rooted plants removed from tissue culture nutrient media, washed and sorted according to customer requirements.

– Net Pot Plants: Rooted plants with 5-10 cm height obtained after 3-4 weeks of the hardening process.

– Field Ready Plants: Rooted plants with 15-20 cm height obtained after 6-9 weeks of the hardening process.

How do i order KilimOrgano products?

To place an order, you can simply order online or call: 0786 206 243 or email: sales[ at ]kilimorgano.com

Do you charge extra for plant delivery?

The delivery charge will depend on your farm location and scale of order. Approximately it costs TZS 700 per plant for delivery regardless of location of farm and quantity of plants purchased.

Will you deliver tissue culture plants to my farm?

Yes we can deliver tissue culture plants to your farm or you can collect the plants from our premises.

How long does it take to micropropagate (produce) plants inside the laboratory?

We produce plants on order basis thus it takes anywhere from 3-12 months to micropropagate plants. Clients are adviced to order much in advance to allow time for micropropagation.

Field Technical Support:

Do you provide guidance on how to plant and grow tissue culture plants?

Yes our field experts will provide you with all the support to ensure a profitable, sustainable harvest is obtained. The support can range from onsite field support, growers guide, writeup manuals to virtual support including WhatsApp, phone call, social media, blogs and so on. The service is provided for free for the first season.

Market for Produce:

Where can i sell my produce?

KilimOrgano will offer to buy back your produce under an agreement depending on various factors including the quality and quantity of produce.

Contract Micropagation Service:

What is Contract Micropropagation Service?

Under this service, KilimOrgano will research and develop a proprietary tissue culture technology and commercially produce millions of clones of client owned plant variety.

How can i order your micropropagation service under contract?

You can order our service online or by email: sales[ at ]kilimorgano.com or phone: 0786 206 243. We will follow up with an email on request for plant variety details.

How long does the contact micropropagation service take?

Depending on the scale of production and plant type, it can take a minimum of 8 months including R&D and commercial micropropagation.

Plant Nursery:

Can i distribute your tissue culture plants?

If you are a plant nursery owner or agripreneur, you can apply online to distribute our tissue culture plants. You will be called for an interview, followed by survey of your locale. Once qualified, an agreement will be signed as a partner nursery.

Do you provide any support as a partner nursery?

Yes you will be trained on nursery plant management, marketing and sales of tissue culture plants. We will also market in your area at our own expense.

Do you provide finance to set up plant nursery?

The finance required to set up, commercially manage and/or expand plant nursery will be the responsibility of the agripreneur or plant nursery owner.

Soil and Water Analysis:

Do you offer soil and water laboratory analysis?

We do offer complete soil and water analysis needed for agriculture purpose.

How long does it take to deliver soil and water analysis results?

The results will be delivered between 2-4 weeks time.

Can you collect soil and water samples from my farm?

Yes our field technicians can collect soil samples from your farm to be used for laboratory analysis. This service is chargeable.
For every order, you will be provided with a pamphlet that explains clearly on how to collect soil samples from your farm, pack it and ship it to our laboratory.

Survey of Farm Land:

Can you visit my farm to assess its suitability to cultivate tissue culture plants?

Yes we can. The service is free if client has paid 100% for the plants, otherwise it is chargeable.


Do you sell plants in foreign countries?

Yes we sell plants to other countries within Africa including Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana; and other continents including Asia and S. America. The client will provide an import permit whereas KilimOrgano will provide the phytosanitary documents issued by official authorities in Tanzania.