Ornamental, Tree, Medicinal, Horticulture, Floriculture, Aquatic

Contract Production

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Soil and Water

Laboratory Analysis

Establish, manage & harvest


Commercial Micropropagation Services

Contract Production
For elite varieties within various sectors- cut-flower, trees, medicinal and horticulture- our laboratory experts cater your needs for high quality planting materials through our efficient, cost effective and proprietary micropropagation technologies.

Professional Agronomy Services

We work closely with and support our growers from setting farms to obtaining a profitable, sustainable harvest.

Farm Project Management


Survey, Soil & Water Analysis
Land Preparation
Soil & Manure Application


Crop Management
Daughter Plants Management
Pest & Disease Diagnosis & Control


Harvest Crop
Transport to Packing House
Process based on Quality Standards
Pack and Package based on Market Demand

Laboratory Analysis
Our technical experts provide access to complete soil and water testing, followed by data (including pH, macro and micro nutrients) and recommendations to improve conditions needed to grow your plant of interest.


Field Technical Support

Our field experts provide technical advice and guidance with purchase of our plants and conduct field visit to ensure success at every stage of your project.