Suitable for Dry, Hot Climatic Zones

Water applied through drip irrigation will increase yield and assure output however the volume of water applied is minimum, of 25 to 50 Liters per month depending on environmental conditions and plant age.

Yield Potential

Fruit size ranges from 30 to 70 grams with an average yield of 17 kg per plant in the first year, under good agriculture practices. In the second and third year, average yield increases to 38 and 70 kg per plant, respectively.

Early Flowering, Yearly Fruiting

The lemon tissue culture plants begins flowering in 3 months. First harvest is obtained 8 to 12 months after planting. Fruits are harvested every year and throughout the year.

Advance Pruning Technology

Through periodic pruning practiced every 2 months, plants produce well spread canopy to bear more fruits in bunches. Overall height of the plant is maintained at 90 to 120 cm.

Internationally Recognized Variety

Seedless lemon fruits can be exported globally. The fruit does not have seeds inside, has thin skin, high juice content and citric acid compared to regular lemons.

Disease Free, Clean Plants

Our plants are free from diseases with a long life in field of up to 20 years, considering good agricultures practices are followed.

Our lemon tissue culture plants can be purchased as:

Field Ready Plants
Rooted plants with 10 cm height obtained after 6-9 weeks of the hardening process.

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