Disease Free, Clean Plants

Our plants are free from Bacterial Blight disease with a long life in field of up to 25 years, considering good agricultures practices are followed.

Advance Prunning Technology

Through periodic prunning begun every 2 months, plants produce well spread canopy to bear more fruits.

Early Flowering, Yearly Fruiting

The pomegranate tissue culture plants complete their vegetative phase by 18 months and begin reproductive growth. First harvest is obtained 21 to 24 months after planting. Fruits are harvested every year.

Suitable for Dry, Hot Climatic Zones

Water applied through drip irrigation will increase yield and assure output but the volume of water applied is minimum, of 25 to 50 Liters per month depending on environmental conditions and plant age.

Internationally Recognized Variety

Pomo21 fruits can be exported globally. It has soft seeds and majorly used as a table variety, as well as for processing purpose.

Yield Potential

Fruit size is a minimum of 200 grams to up to 750 grams and an average yield of 9 tons per hectare under good agriculture practices.

Our pomegranate tissue culture plants can be purchased at two stages:
Net Pot Plants
Rooted plants with 5-10 cm height obtained after 6 weeks of the hardening process.
Field Ready Plants
Rooted plants with 10-15 cm height obtained after 9 weeks of the hardening process.

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